The Joining of the Witch September 24th, 2014, 4:32 pm
Wait, he's a nutjob who eats gems AND cannibalizes people after turning them into candy?
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Behind the Scenes

In my original, you of course have noticed that the Shadow Mage is very quick to accept the Witch into the Guild. However, I discovered another Final-Fantasy comic called 8-bit theater which has been running since 2002. It seems like the Black Mage in 8-bit theater is very quick to include the female mage, and hating plagirism, I decided to cut that out of Kai. Instead, Shadow Mage makes one of his weird eccentric remarks, wanting for a tad more humor. You may also notice the Witch is somwhat differently created; it's because I made the Witch sprite myself and forgot to save it. Being a Dragon Ball Z fan, I added a referance to the Chocolate Beam at the end complete with Majin Buu firing one and eating transformed humans.


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